August 02, 2021

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Dentures are an excellent solution for missing teeth for many good reasons. They can instantly restore your smile and confidence! Once you have them, you might be excited to put your new grin to use. However, they will take some getting used to, especially when it comes to eating. It’s a vastly different experience than chewing with natural teeth, meaning it might be quite challenging at first. But with patience and determination, you can master it in no time! Read along to learn how you can make eating with dentures easier.

What Are Dentures?

If you have missing teeth, dentures are one of the most popular ways to replace them. Traditional ones are a removable set of ceramic teeth held in place using suction or a special adhesive. Since they sit on your gums, you might feel uncomfortable, awkward, and some discomfort within the first few weeks of wearing them.

Implant-retained dentures are a more permanent, natural-looking option that resolves the disadvantages of conventional dentures. Dental implant posts are surgically inserted into the jawbone, mimicking the roots of your teeth. They allow your denture to be anchored into the bone for stability, helping you regain up to 70% of your biting force. With this option, you can enjoy most of your favorite foods once again!

How Can I Make Eating with Dentures Easier?

Although it will take some time, you can eventually eat comfortably with dentures! Here are some tips to help make eating with dentures easier:

Take It Easy

Until your gums adapt to your new dentures, you should take it easy and start with a soft diet. Pureed foods, such as applesauce, pudding, cooked cereal, scrambled eggs, and mashed potatoes are excellent options that are healthy and easy on your smile. With firmer foods, cut them into small pieces or thin strips before eating them. Make sure you use both sides of your mouth and chew slowly!

Eat Carefully

When eating foods (like an apple), be sure to bite down with your canines – not your front teeth! Otherwise, it can cause your dentures to move around, making your gums sore and irritated. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to distribute the food evenly on both sides in the back of your mouth when you chew. This technique will help the dentures stay in place while eating.

Keep Practicing

Like most things, the best way to master eating with dentures is by practicing. It could take a few days or weeks to get comfortable, but you will get there eventually! Once it starts to get easier, you can progress to firmer foods. However, remain cautious of foods at extreme temperatures or meals that contain shells or bones during this adjustment period.

Avoid Sticky, Chewy, Spicy Foods

Even after you’re comfortable eating with dentures, you should still be careful with the foods you eat. Try to avoid sticky, hard, chewy, or spicy foods whenever possible, as they can damage your dentures or irritate your mouth. If you have sores or irritation, spicy food can cause burning or stinging.

Are you having trouble eating with dentures? Follow the tips outlined above to make it easier – before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your favorite foods with complete confidence once again!

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