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Helping Developing Smiles Grow to Be Healthy

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At Evergreen Dental Group, we understand how important your child’s first dental visits are when it comes to their future oral health. That’s why we strive to create a fun, educational, and comfortable environment for them to receive care in. Our team focuses on providing your little one with the skills and tools they need to optimize their oral health as they grow up. We also offer kid-friendly treatments to minimize the threat of common problems, like cavities, while they’re learning how to properly care for their smile.

Why Choose Evergreen Dental Group for Children’s Dentistry?

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Your Child’s First Visit

The first dental visit is often the most important, which is why we don’t try to push children into receiving full dental cleanings if they seem uneasy. We’ll show them around the office and get them acclimated to our fun and friendly dental staff. To make sure that their mouth is developing as it should be, we’ll also conduct a quick checkup. By making this first appointment pleasant and fun, we hope to get them excited about coming back!

Dental Sealants

Your molars are covered in pits and fissures that allow for the buildup of food particles, plaque, and other decay-causing bacteria. You can feel the lunar-like surface on the molars when you run your tongue over them. Dental sealants shield these teeth from cavities with a thin, translucent covering that blocks bacteria, providing significant cavity prevention for many years after application. Dental sealants are commonly used in children, but can provide protection for adults who are at a high-risk of cavities, too.

Athletic Mouthguards/ Sportsguards

A custom-fitted mouthguard or sportsguard provides significant protection for your beautiful smile. If you are an athlete, let your dentist create a custom-fitted device to keep your tooth enamel intact from unexpected impact and repeated force. A mouthguard that is created just for you is comfortable, increasing the chances that you will use it just like you should — during every game and practice.

Frenectomies/ Lip & Tongue-Tie

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There are two muscular attachments located in your baby’s mouth that are essential to feeding. One of them is the tissue located beneath the tongue that connects it to the floor of the mouth, and the other connects the top lip to the upper gums. When these are overgrown, it can cause latching difficulty while feeding. To treat this issue, we can go in with our soft tissue laser and reshape the muscular tissue to provide them with enhanced oral maneuverability.

Pulp Therapy

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If your child is complaining of unexplained oral pain, sensitivity whenever they eat anything that’s hot or cold, or swollen or red gums, it could be a sign of an infection. Pulp therapy can be performed on their baby teeth to help relieve their pain. During the procedure, we’ll remove any damaged pulp inside their tooth and restore the shape and structure of it so they can continue utilizing it for their development.

Special Needs Dentistry

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Our team is friendly, experienced, and happy to treat children who require special accommodations to help them feel more comfortable in the treatment chair. Whether they have a difficult time sitting still due to physical or mental limitations, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide them with a great experience. We strive to optimize your little one’s oral health and get them excited about coming back by helping them feel safe and at-ease.

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