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Define Your New Year’s Goals with an Evergreen Dentist!

December 15, 2017

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woman smilingWith so many possibilities on the horizon for the new year, declaring your new year’s resolution can seem daunting. There are so many things that you want to accomplish—especially when it comes to your smile.

If you need a little help choosing attainable, realistic resolutions, your Evergreen dentist is here to help you narrow down on a few dental goals that you can reach! Take some time to read our list of new year’s resolutions and choose which is best for you and dental goals.

Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Before January 1st

September 4, 2017

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piggy bankMore than half of the country currently has some form of dental insurance, and if this includes you, something you may not know is that your benefits will likely reset at the beginning of next year. If you’re looking to save as much as you can on your dental care, then an easy way to do that is simply schedule a dentist appointment before January 1st. If you have dental insurance, here are 4 ways you’ll save money by making an appointment right now. (more…)

Dentist in Evergreen Offers Free Dental Day for the Community

August 6, 2017

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Woman at dentistYour dental health relies on your home oral hygiene habits and a regular cleaning and checkup with your dentist in Evergreen. However, for many people, keeping up with the American Dental Association’s recommendation of two dental cleanings a year is simply not possible.  One of the leading reasons for delaying care is often due to finances, as only 66% of Americans have dental insurance.  Evergreen Dental Group understands this and hopes that by having our Annual Free Dental Day, we can provide the much needed dental care that so many people don’t have access to.

Schedule a Back-to-School Appointment with Your Dentist in Evergreen

July 22, 2017

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Your dentist in Evergreen provides preventive care for children.As your summer activities are starting to wind down and you get ready to head back to school, start the year off right by scheduling your child’s semi-annual appointment with your dentist in Evergreen. August and September are the perfect months to take your child to have a cleaning and checkup before you begin the busy festivities of the holidays and afterschool activities. Plus, you can ensure they begin the school year with a healthy, bright smile to feel confident.

Invisalign In Evergreen – The Clear Winner Over Braces

June 24, 2017

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Invisalign in Evergreen is your choice for a removable, invisible way to straighten your teeth.  You’ve had crooked teeth your entire life or, you wore braces as a teenager and at some point stopped wearing your retainers so your teeth shifted back. Maybe your smile has been a constant source of embarrassment and you haven’t had the ability to actually address the problem until now. But since you’re a busy adult, the idea of traditional metal braces that would only call more attention to your imperfections while you correct them doesn’t sit well with you. What other options do you have? In this post, learn why Invisalign in Evergreen is the clear choice over braces from the team at Evergreen Dental Group.



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