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At Evergreen Dental Group, Drs. Sprout, Fitzgerald, and Gordon have equipped our office with the latest technology to maximize the comfort and effectiveness of your dental care. One example is with digital x-rays, which greatly improve precision in treatment planning. Intraoral cameras allow us to fully involve you in your treatment plan. Those are just two examples — patients from Evergreen, Golden, Idaho Springs, Conifer, and Bailey benefit from our high-tech approach. Schedule an appointment with the high-tech dentist today!

How Dental Technology Makes Our Dentistry Better

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Intraoral Camera

Our Carestream Digital intraoral camera is a hand-held device that can provide us with an unobstructed, crystal clear view of the nooks and crannies of your mouth. It’s hooked up to a display monitor, allowing us to show you any at-risk areas of your mouth that need treatment, up-close and personal. That way, we can better explain, using a combination of visual and verbal descriptions, what you can expect from a treatment and why it’s necessary.

Digital X-Rays

team looking at digital x-ray

Our Carestream Digital X-Ray System provides us with a safer, clearer, and easier way to capture images of what lies below your gumline. That way, we can intercept hidden problems, such as decay, infection, and other potential areas of concern that are shielded to the naked eye. By converting from film to digital X-rays, we’re able to reduce radiation exposure by up to 90 percent, capture more detailed images, and easily transfer them between offices whenever it’s necessary.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

girl in cone beam scanner

When your restorative treatment plan requires a deeper, more comprehensive look at your mouth and oral structures than can be provided with a digital X-ray, our Sirona 3D XG cone beam scanner produces a clear, three-dimensional image of your teeth, nerves, soft tissues, and bone all at once. At Evergreen Dental Group, the cone beam scanner is especially useful for more precise treatment planning before dental implant placement and other procedures requiring extreme precision and preparation.

Digital Impression System

digital impression system

Have you ever had to get an impression of your teeth taken by biting down on a piece of gag-inducing putty? That experience is one of the past, since we now utilize the accurate, easy, and small iTero digital impression system. This hand-held, radiation-free full mouth scanner allows us to capture a much more accurate and detailed blueprint of your oral structure than impression putty ever could. Making getting services like Invisalign, same-day restorations, and athletic mouthguards a breeze.

Soft Tissue Laser

soft tissue laser

The Picasso soft tissue laser reduces discomfort during oral surgery, minimizes bleeding, and eliminates the need for stitches and sutures. When used during gum disease treatment, it is especially beneficial because it disinfects oral tissues as it blasts through harmful bacteria — treating the original problem and also reducing the risk of reinfection. With a number of applications, the soft tissue laser makes for far more comfortable oral procedures.

Cavity Detection System

Cavity detection system

Our KaVo DIAGnodent Pen helps our dental hygienists detect even the most camouflaged cavities developing between the teeth. This allows our team to put a stop to the progression of dental decay, keeping the issue from advancing into something more serious, like a tooth infection. It uses laser fluorescence to highlight any sign of affected oral tissue and decay, even if it’s small and unnoticeable. That way, you can rest-assured that your smile is truly cavity-free.

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