August 06, 2017

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Your dental health relies on your home oral hygiene habits and a regular cleaning and checkup with your dentist in Evergreen. However, for many people, keeping up with the American Dental Association’s recommendation of two dental cleanings a year is simply not possible.  One of the leading reasons for delaying care is often due to finances, as only 66% of Americans have dental insurance.  Evergreen Dental Group understands this and hopes that by having our Annual Free Dental Day, we can provide the much needed dental care that so many people don’t have access to.

Free Dental Day for the Community

At Evergreen Dental Group, our patients and our community are our top priorities as we strive to promote generations of healthy, beautiful smiles. However, we understand that visiting the dentist regularly is not always an option for everyone. So we are proud to announce our 5th Annual Free Dental Day.

On Saturday, September 16th from 8am to 1pm, our team will donate their time and work together to provide dental care to those in need within our community.  We will be offering your choice of a dental cleaning, a single surface filling or an extraction.

Even with the best home oral hygiene habits, it is recommended that you get a cleaning at least twice a year to remove harmful plaque and tartar buildups that cannot be removed at home. A dental cleaning helps protect your teeth and gums from damage by removing the accumulations.  We will also be providing single surface fillings. It is estimated that 18% of children and 31% of adults currently have untreated cavities. If they are not treated promptly, it could lead to the eventual loss of the tooth. We do not want to see this happen. If you have a cavity, we will treat it at the event. We will also provide simple extractions for those who need to have a tooth removed.

Get the Care You Deserve

We look forward to our annual event each year to give back to our community while also promoting dental health in the area. No matter if it is sponsoring a local school or sports team, nonprofit organizations, or free dental care, we strive to never say “no” to supporting our community.

If you or someone you know is in need of dental care, we encourage you to help us spread the word about our 5th Annual Free Dental Day on September 16th. We do anticipate there to be a large crowd, so please arrive early as everyone will be treated on a first come first serve basis. If you are unsure of what treatment is needed, our team will do an evaluation and determine the greatest need. If you need multiple procedures, we welcome you to get back in line and wait for additional treatment if time allows.

Join us at our Free Dental Day event to promote the health of your smile. Contact Evergreen Dental Group if you have any additional questions. We look forward to seeing you there.

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