May 30, 2022

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Get Beautiful Straight Teeth You Have Always Wanted With Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the one way of giving your smile an attractive look. There are some procedures of cosmetic dentistry at Evergreen Dental Group to get straight teeth. Still, cosmetic dentistry can provide you with a straight smile in significantly less time when compared to other techniques. So, let’s look at the three ways cosmetic dentistry can give you a straight smile.

1. Dental Bonding

It is a less common form of cosmetic dentistry. But can be effective in appropriate circumstances. The dentist may suggest this when only a few of your teeth are crooked. The dentist may apply composite resin to the tooth’s surface, which tends to change the shape of the tooth & make it look more straight. This technique can also close the gap in the mouth. It is minimally intrusive and is a fast process.

2. Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most prevalent cosmetic dentistry treatments. Anything a patient wants to cover up, like stains, cracks, gaps, chips, and, of course, crooked teeth, can be covered up by dental veneers because veneers can transform smiles by addressing multiple aesthetic issues at once.

In just two appointments, the procedure can usually be achieved at your Evergreen Dental Group dentist. The veneers get customized to your smile, facial shape, and other teeth to give them a natural, white, and flawless look. Veneers are long-lasting, durable, and stain-resistant. They give you a straight smile for a lifetime without any worries.

3. Invisalign Aligners

Cosmetic dentistry for teeth straightening can enhance the look of your smile effortlessly. The main benefit of cosmetic straightening is that the average treatment time is faster than other braces because it only concentrates on your incisor teeth.

The first clear choice for straight teeth is traditional metal braces. But you don’t have to keep yourself with those metal braces in your mouth. Traditional metal braces are robust and have proven effects. Still, many adults and teens are looking for something far discreet but just as effective. And Invisalign fits their needs perfectly.

With Invisalign braces, you can straighten your smile intimately. No one will know you’re wearing the virtually invisible aligners. You’ll never have to worry about food getting stuck in the brackets and wires because there are no braces, which means there is no strict diet to follow & no food restrictions. 

With Invisalign clear aligners, anyone can get a straight smile more quickly than orthodontic methods like metal, Damon, ceramic, and lingual braces. You can enjoy an undisturbed smile throughout your whole Invisalign treatment.

Straighten Your Teeth In Evergreen

If you wish to get straight teeth & appealing smile in less time, we suggest you go for a cosmetic dentistry procedure in Evergreen. Our cosmetic dentist in Evergreen, CO, will help you get the smile you have always wanted after hearing about your needs. So, contact us today & book your appointment at Evergreen Dental Group.

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