October 10, 2022

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Do you have crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth? If yes, it’s only natural to feel insecure about them. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can get the perfect smile with braces in Evergreen. Here’s everything you need to know about getting the perfect smile with braces.

What Are Braces?

Braces are an orthodontic treatment that resolves issues like crowding, crooked teeth, or misaligned teeth. Braces include wires, bands, and brackets that exert constant pressure on your teeth and jaw. Eventually, straighten your teeth and give you the perfect bite.

If you suffer from any of the issues mentioned below, you should visit the dentist in Evergreen to get the best quality braces.

  • You have visibly crooked or crowded.
  • If you find difficulty flossing between and brushing around crooked teeth.
  • A misaligned bite, which includes overbite, underbite, crossbite, etc.
  • Speech impediments like lisps, stuttering, or slurs due to misaligned teeth.
  • If you have TMD issues like jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, etc.

Types Of Braces In Evergreen

  • Traditional Braces

Traditional metal braces are the most reliable and affordable option, to straighten your teeth. This includes metal brackets that will be attached to your teeth with dental cement. A metal wire is threaded through each of these brackets. These wires will be tightened throughout your orthodontic journey. The most common type of braces is ceramic braces and metal braces.

  • Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign is a discreet option to straighten your teeth. It includes clear, custom-made clear aligners that you should wear for 22 hours every day. You will receive new trays every two weeks, which will slowly shift your teeth into the correct alignment. If you don’t want to deal with brackets and wires, Invisalign is a good choice.

Benefits Of Braces

  • Increased Confidence

Braces can change the appearance of your smile, making your teeth straighter and healthier. You will no longer feel the need to hide your smile; instead, you will show off your smile! You can now confidently speak and eat without any embarrassment.

  • Improves Oral Hygiene

Crowded or misaligned teeth make it difficult to clean your teeth, especially when your food particles get stuck in the hard-to-reach spots. With a straight smile, you will able to reach every nook and cranny of your teeth, reducing the risk for decay, gum disease, and other oral issues.

  • Improves Daily Functions

A bad bite can restrain you from eating certain foods and cause trouble in digestion. With perfectly aligned teeth, not only will you look good, but you can also eat all your favorite foods. It will also improve your digestion and improve your overall health.

  • Reduced Oral Issues

Crowded teeth or a misaligned bite can increase the risk of tooth decay or gum disease. After your orthodontic treatment, you will achieve straighter teeth that are easier to clean. You will also be less prone to trauma and injury. Your toothbrush will reach every surface of your tooth, so no plaque or bacteria will build up, ensuring healthy teeth and gums for years to come.

  • Reduced Wear And Tear 

Misaligned teeth can cause uneven force distribution and wear patterns and can lead to wear and tear of your teeth. It will also put excessive strain on your gums and bone tissues. It will also affect your jaw joints, causing headaches. You can prevent or resolve these issues easily with braces in evergreen.

How Fast Do Braces Work?

The duration of braces will vary depending on different factors, such as bone density, misalignment severity, and age. To get a sure idea of how long braces will take to give the result you desire, visit the best dentist in Marion.

Start Your Orthodontic Journey With Braces In Evergreen

If you have crooked teeth, don’t wait any longer, just visit the best dentist in Evergreen to get the smile of your dreams. With a straight smile, you will achieve optimal oral health with the perfect smile and bite.

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