Rejuvenating Restorative Dentistry for Evergreen

Even with our regular preventive attention and your own hygiene habits at home, you may need a little help getting your smile back to its healthy, radiant state from time to time. After tooth decay, damage, or injury take their toll on your smile, restorative dentistry comes to the rescue. Schedule a visit with Dr. Jeffrey Sprout, Dr. Erik Fitzgerald, Dr. Scott Gordon, or Dr. Stefan Bergeron to repair damaged teeth for a long-lasting, complete smile.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

If you are dealing with broken, worn, or decayed teeth -- or if you have several teeth that are missing altogether -- we can help you regain your healthy smile with a dental crown or bridge. Ceramic crowns and bridges restore front teeth, while gold or metal alloys provide a good alternative for teeth that are not visible in the smile.

Also called a cap, the dental crown is a tooth-shaped covering that rebuilds the shape and structure of your damaged tooth. Your dentist removes enough tooth enamel to make room for the crown to fit on top, and then cements that restoration over the affected tooth. A dental bridge replaces one or more teeth that are missing in succession. Both crowns and bridges can provide lasting strength and beauty for many years with proper care.

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Tooth Colored Fillings

Composite resin fills the hole or cavity left behind by decay without marring the appearance of your smile. These tooth colored, white, or composite fillings provide an esthetic, biocompatible alternative to the silver (amalgam) fillings that have been used for decades. Unlike silver fillings, the tooth colored material comes with a precise color-matching guide to ensure the filling blends perfectly with your surrounding tooth enamel. Composite resin is also highly resistant to heat and cold, dries within minutes under a special light, and actually restores much of the original strength of the affected tooth. Your dentist at Evergreen Dental Group can fill new cavities, replace old silver fillings, or make minor cosmetic improvements to the teeth that show when you smile using tooth colored composite resin.

Dentures & Partial Dentures

Dentures and partial dentures provide a fast, effective solution for patients dealing with several missing teeth. A full denture is used when no healthy teeth remain in the gum line, and a partial denture fits around the existing teeth like a puzzle piece. Retained by clips and brackets (partials) or with natural suction and a denture adhesive (full dentures), the prosthetic device restores your ability to eat, speak, and smile with total confidence.

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Root Canal Therapy

We can rescue teeth after significant decay or infection with root canal, endodontic, treatment. Root canal therapy is necessary when decay reaches the interior of the tooth, the area that is commonly referred to as the pulp where the nerve is housed. A tooth requiring root canal therapy will usually cause serious discomfort -- do not delay treatment. During a root canal, your dentist removes all infected tissue, refills the tooth, and restores its strength with a sturdy crown. Anesthesia and sedation are available for your comfort every step of the way.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

While not everyone has wisdom teeth, people who do have one or more of the third molars will likely need to undergo extraction in order to prevent or heal impaction, infection, or crowding of the surrounding teeth. Young patients may benefit from a wisdom tooth evaluation in their early teens, in which we take x-rays to check for the presence of the third molars. Evergreen Dental Group provides comfortable extraction for problematic wisdom teeth. 

We welcome patients from Evergreen and the surrounding areas of Golden, Idaho Springs, Conifer, and Bailey. Schedule an appointment for superior restorative care today!

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